First Post

Well this is a start on a refreshed web site, whether or not anything else is updated or when is anyone’s guess—stay tuned, and if you are unfortunate enough to be in my contacts list—I will let you know of any updates


Hope you had a Great Thanksgiving I know I did

May god bless you and yours, the rest of the Holiday season

Nov.29th 2014

December 15th 2014

Had a Great weekend , went to see Scrouge at the Nevada City Playhouse—Starring none other than Steve Minow as Scrouge—Had a Nice Lunch at “Malteo’s

Enjoyed the Day with Carole’s Sis Gloria and Husband Kermit—Some Old friends cane to see The Play—Richard & Arde, and friends, Wayne W. wife Carolyn  & Daughter Kristen

Fun Day

January 12th 2012——Three words today “Happy Borthday Carole”

and 2 more “Go Ducks"

© William Minow 2014